Top things to consider when buying a large parrot cage

There is more to buying a large parrot cage than first meets the eye. As it is the place where your favorite parrot is going to spend a lot of time, you need to consider many things before you make the purchase. A good bird cage is one of the most important factors that ensures the health and longevity of the pet. Unfortunately for most parrot owners a good bird cage is most often an afterthought as the primary concern is to get something cheap than finding something that is appropriate.

Here is a list of things you need to consider before buying a parrot cage:

Cage size – The larger your bird cage is, the happier it will be. If you are unsure about buying the right size, you can check the many charts that are available online listing cage size for different types of birds. It is advisable to check the bar spacing too as inappropriate spacing can create problems for the bird. If the spacing is large it may get its head struck in it and if it is small it may limit the view of the bird. If you buy a cage size that is small, it may provide inadequate moving space to the parrot and may cause health issues.

Cage shape – Different types of cage shapes and sizes are available and you can make the choice as per your individual preference. Avoid cages that are skinny and round as they may not be appropriate for the birds. The popular cage styles include corner cages, playtop and dometop.

Cage Material – Although stainless steel cages are expensive they are considered the best quality material to buy. Cheap materials that are coated with plastic may not be right for the birds as they can easily chew them off. Powder coated ones are also best avoided.

Cage setup – Parrots are intelligent birds that spend a lot of time flying and interacting with their flock. They do not like just sitting on the perch doing nothing. It is best to setup a large parrot cage that provides them with lots of intellectual stimulation (Include bird safe toys) and moving space.

When you invest in a good bird cage it stays with you as long as you have your pet parrot with you. Finding the right one may require some research but it is worth the effort as your pet will feel comfortable and happy with your choice. The large parrot cage can become a favorite home for your pet for many years to come.